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C-In2 3223-Zen-Lo No Show Army Trunk-Heather
These Heather Grey Low Rise Boxer Briefs are part of C-in2's ZEN collection for a reason, ..
Unico 14400948-66-Pinos-Men's Mid Boxers
These Colorful Print Mid Boxers are Pinos by Unico. They are designed with a with Bright M..
Unico 14400846-80-Mallines-Men's Teal Boxer Briefs
The Mallines Teal Men's Boxer Briefs by Unico are designed with a very subtle blue zi..
C-In2 4019-Core-Sporty Runner Boxer-Heather Grey
These Comfty Heather Grey Sporty Runner Boxers are part of C-in2's CORE collection. Made of 100..
Private Structure-99-MU-1369-Spectrum Trunk-Heather Grey
Heather Grey Spectrum Low Rise Trunk Grey Trunk by Private Structure is made with a l..
Unico 14400956-99-Black Mesh Mid Boxers
The Upsala Black Sports Mesh Mid Boxers by Unico feature a very unique, soft, sexy and bre..
Unico 14400855-00-Mesh White Short Boxers
These White Performance Mesh Boxer Briefs by Unico feature a very unique, soft, sexy ..
Unico 14400841-89-Cherry Red Short Boxers
These Cherry Red Boxer Briefs by Unico feature the Unico support pouch, a sexy low ri..
Unico 14400824-65-Striped Short Boxers
These Sexy Striped Boxer Briefs are Limay by Unico. They feature white and grey ..
Unico 14400813-37-Yellow Short Boxers
These Sexy Lemon Boxer Briefs by Unico feature the Unico support pouch, a sexy low rise de..
Unico 14400556-99-Black Mesh Sport Briefs
The Upsala Performance Black Mesh Sports Brief by Unico feature a very unique, soft, ..
RUFSKIN Axis- Sweat Wicking Boxer Briefs
Axis by Rufskin is a new take take on classic boxer briefs. These very unique sport boxer-briefs are..
Unico 12000901-96 Mid Boxers Asfalto
Unico Asfalto Mid Length Boxers come down a little lower on your thigh than a typical boxer brief. T..
Unico 12000801-96 Short Boxers Asfalto
Unico Asfalto Short Boxers are flyless and feature the Unico suspensor pouch design for a great..
Male Power MP-163-194-Turquoise Lace Provocative Mini Short
These Turquoise Open Front & Back Lace Mini Short are made of a soft  floral..

What do you wear boxers or briefs? Why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds. Fit of mens briefs and comfort of mens boxers. You're sure to find Guys Boxer Brief Underwear at Erogenos!

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