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Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU035-Deceptor-Red Sporty Jock
The Deceptor Sporty Red Jock from CellBlock13 features a Neoprene front  pouch t..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU035-Deceptor-Men's Grey Jock
The Deceptor Men's Sporty Grey Jock from CellBlock13 features a Neoprene front  pouch..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU035-Blue Deceptor Jockstrap
The Deceptor Blue Athletic Jock from CellBlock13 features a Neoprene front  pouc..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU034-White Locker Jock
The CellBlock13 Classic Athletic White Locker Jock has updated fabrication, waistband  and..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU034-Locker-Red Jockstrap
The CellBlock13 Sporty Red Jockstrap Underwear is a classic  jockstrap with updated c..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU034-Locker-Blue Jock
The CellBlock13 Sporty Blue Jock Underwear is a classic  athletic jockstrap with updated c..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU034-Black Locker Jockstrap
The CellBlock13 Black Locker Jockstrap is a classic  jockstrap with updated colors, f..
Joe Snyder Sexy White Lace Jock JSL05
The JS White Lace jock is semi see through in the front and shows off your backside while still..
Joe Snyder Lace Jockstrap JSL05-Black
Eligible for Halloween Deals
The JS Black Lace jockstrap is semi see through and shows off your backside while still offerin..
MaleBasics MBS06-Spot-White Mesh Jockstrap
This Sporty white mesh jockstrap features a basic color that has been used for years to symboli..
MaleBasics MBS03-Spot-Pink Mesh Trunks
Sexy & Sporty mesh pink boxer brief trunks are a great choice for something special to surprise ..
MaleBasics MBS02-Spot-Black Mesh Brief
Eligible for Halloween Deals
Sexy men's black sport briefs features many great details that make it the perfect pair of unde..
MaleBasics MBS01-Spot-Red Mesh Brief
Eligible for Halloween Deals
These Red Sexy and sporty men's briefs are an exciting version of the standard tighty whitey.  ..
Gregg Homme 121255 STRIP Semi-Sheer Boxer Briefs-Grey
The new STRIP Grey Semi-Sheer Boxer Brief Trunks by Gregg Homme are made from a super..
Gregg Homme 120005 TOGA Erotic Boxer Briefs
Gregg Homme's new TOGA Exposed Erotic Boxer Briefs are designed in a comfy stretch polyest..

Erogenos is most well known for the amount of mens underwear we carry and the great prices we offer! We have many different types of underwear for men, such as: bikini briefs,sport briefs, boxer briefs, men's thongs, g-strings, jockstraps, jock-briefs, jock-trunks and long underwear in many different styles and colors.

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