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Unico 14300831-56-Fuchsia Short Boxers
These Classic Fuchsia Short Boxer are Pumilio by Unico. They are very soft and comfortable..
Unico 14300827-17-Caudal-Striped Short Boxers
Caudal by Unico are Sexy Light Striped Short Boxers that feature a fashionable light colored ho..
Unico 14300825-92-Mangle-Striped Short Boxers
Mangle by Unico are Dark Striped Classic Boxer Briefs that feature a brown, olive and yell..
Unico 14200837-92-Rumba-Blue Striped Short Boxers
These Dashing Blue Striped Short Boxers are the new Rumba boxers by Unico. They have classic&nb..
Unico 14200829-59-Riviera-Grey Striped Short Boxers
These Grey Striped Chic Short Boxers are the new Riviera short boxers by Unico. They have greyi..
Cocksox Underwear CSX65-Risky Red Boxer
These Sexy & Comfortable Risky Red Boxer Briefs are classic meets contemporary in this new ..
Cocksox CSX65-Emerald Green Boxers
These Sporty Low Rise Emerald Green Boxers are classic meets contemporary in this new take..
Cocksox CSX65-Azure Blue Boxers
These Azure Blue Boxer Briefs are classic meets contemporary in this new take on Y-front underw..
Unico 14200838-55-Casino-Sporty Striped Boxers
These Sporty Blue Boxers have Thin Orange Stripes which make them look very modern, sexy and sp..
Unico 14200825-99-Muelle-Classic Black Boxers
These Classic Black Short Boxers with Blue Stripes look very modern, sexy and sporty. They..
Unico 14200823-47-Oceano-Greyish Blue Short Boxers
Oceano are Sexy Greyish Blue Short Boxers that are a perfect combination of sexy, spo..
Unico 14100851-99-Lacar-Modern Black Boxers
These Avant Garde Black Short Boxer Underwear combines modern and classic while maintain its sexines..
MaleBasics MBS03-Spot-Pink Mesh Trunks
Sexy & Sporty mesh pink boxer brief trunks are a great choice for something special to surprise ..
Gregg Homme 120005 TOGA Erotic Boxer Briefs
Gregg Homme's new TOGA Exposed Erotic Boxer Briefs are designed in a comfy stretch polyest..
Gregg Homme 121505 Showoff Transparent Purple Boxer Briefs
The "SHOWOFF" low-rise Transparent purple boxer briefs by Gregg Homme are a sexy square cut box..

What do you wear boxers or briefs? Why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds. Fit of mens briefs and comfort of mens boxers. You're sure to find Guys Boxer Brief Underwear at Erogenos!

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