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Timoteo-A017-Viper-Sporty Socks-Black
These  Men's Black Sporty High Rise Socks have bold stripes and ascending lines that run down b..
Timoteo-A017-Viper-Royal Blue Men's Socks
These Royal Blue Men's High Rise Socks are perfect to pair with your favorite CELLBLOCK 13 Jock..
Timoteo-A017-Viper-Athletic Socks-Red
These  Men's Red High Rise Athletic Socks are made to match all of the Viper Collection or..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU045-Red Sports Jock-Enforcer
The CB13 Enforcer Red Sports Jock is an new and improved version of the traditional jockst..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU045-Enforcer-Blue Jock Strap
The CB13 Blue Enforcer Jock Strap is an updated version of a classic jockstrap. Updated colors,..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU036-Yellow G-Force Jock
The Cellblock 13 G-Force Sexy & Sporty Yellow Jockstrap brings style, support and..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU036-Red G-Force Jock
The Cellblock 13 G-Force Red Protective Cup Jock combines support, style and protecti..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU036-Blue G-Force Jock
The Cellblock 13 G-Force Blue Sports Jock combines protection, support and style and ..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU036-Black G-Force Jock
The Cellblock 13 G-Force Black Athletic Jock combines protection, support and style a..
Timoteo 1245-American Inspired Swim Trunk
The Boardwalk Square Cut American Star Swim Trunks is based on the best selling "Timoteo Speeds..
Timoteo 1244-American Stars Swim Briefs
These Marina Sexy and Sporty American Star Swim Briefs are very comfortable and sexy, with..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU035-White Deceptor Jock
The White Athletic Deceptor Jock from CellBlock13 features a Neoprene front  pouch th..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU035-Deceptor-Yellow Sport Jock
The Deceptor Yellow Sport Jock from CellBlock13 features a Neoprene front  pouch..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU035-Deceptor-Red Sporty Jock
The Deceptor Sporty Red Jock from CellBlock13 features a Neoprene front  pouch t..
Timoteo Cellblock13 CBU035-Deceptor-Men's Grey Jock
The Deceptor Men's Sporty Grey Jock from CellBlock13 features a Neoprene front  pouch..

Timoteo is a men's fashion brand that specializes in underwear, swimwear, activewear, socks and denim. Timoteo has a great way of bringing together sexiness and making it sporty. Many of the underwear collections are inspired by different types of sports. The color combinations are also great for sports, since so many of them are combinations used by professional and college sports teams. Besides the main kinds of men’s underwear, boxers, briefs, jocks and boxer briefs, Timoteo also has many other kinds such as jock briefs, jock boxers, rugby boxers, and jock pants. Timoteo's latest collections include Cellblock, Varsity, Sport 2.0, Rugby, and Clubhouse.

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