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Rufskin Virgo Super Soft Men's Bikini Briefs-Black
These Buttery Soft Men's Black Bikini Briefs are impossibly comfortable are so light and t..
Rufskin Virgo Turquoise Men's Bikini Underwear
Virgo by Rufskin are Sexy Turquoise Men's Bikini Underwear that are so comfortable, l..
Rufskin Wade-Black
Our own jockstrap/brief hybrid for maximum comfort and style. Look closely at the stretch pique fabr..
RUFSKIN Whipper-Super Soft Dressy Jeans
These Dressy Men's Slate Skinny Jeans are a new and updated version of the popular PASCAL jeans..
Rufskin Yannick-Black Sheer Top
A new take on the classic sheer top TAYLOR, but with short sleeves. This black stretch mesh kim..
Rufskin Yannick-White See Thru Top
A new take on the classic see thru top TAYLOR, but with short sleeves. A white stretch mesh kimono t..
Rufskin Zap!-Daring Unique Long Sleeve White Top
The Whtie Zap! Top is a super sexy and unique new top by Rufskin that is great for showing off your ..
Rufskin Zap!-Open Chest & Back Long Sleeve Shirt
The Black Zap! Top is a super sexy new shirt by Rufskin that is great for showing off your chest and..
Rufskin Zephyr Black Sleeveless Hoodie
Light and Comfty Men's Sleeveless Black Hoodie is cool, light and loungy and makes a great extr..
Rufskin Zephyr Navy/White Sleeveless Hoodie
Zephyr by Rufskin is a Men's Navy & White Sleeveless Hoodie that is cool, light and loungy ..
Rufskin Zephyr White Sleeveless Hoodie
This Men's Comfortable White Sleeveless Hoodie is cool, light and loungy and makes a great..

RUFSKIN is a premium men's apparel designer, from San Diego, California, that has been starting new trends and bringing you your favorite denim jeans for the past ten years. Although Rufskin well-renowned for the men's denim jeans they also make men's underwear, swimwear, shirts, activewear, accessories, jackets and more. Rufskin style is a new take on vintage meets futuristic, sexy meets sporty and comfortable meets sophisticated. Whether you are looking for new workout clothes, a sexy sunga bathing suit, provocative jock brief underwear, the best pair of jeans you have ever tried on, or anything in between, Rufskin has it all. If you are looking to turn heads and not wear the same bathing suit or outfit as everybody else, Rufskin is very unique and many steps above the rest.

All Rufskin products are made in the USA!

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