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Unico 14300825-92-Mangle-Striped Short Boxers
Mangle by Unico are Dark Striped Classic Boxer Briefs that feature a brown, olive and yell..
Unico 14300831-56-Fuchsia Short Boxers
These Classic Fuchsia Short Boxer are Pumilio by Unico. They are very soft and comfortable..
Unico 14300833-13-Lemur-Lime Green Boxer Briefs
These Sporty & Sexy Lime Green Boxer Briefs by Unico feature the Unico support pouch, ..
Unico 14300944-89-Bare Red Striped Mid Boxers
These Sporty Red Striped Mid Length Boxer by Unico feature a very sporty and sexy featurin..
Unico 14302945-65-Playa Tejido -Blue Striped Swim Briefs
This Sexy Turquoise Blue Striped Swim Brief is the new Playa Tejido men's swim brief ..
Unico 14302945-93-Playa Tejido -Striped Swim Brief
This Comfortable Multi Color Striped Swim Briefs are the new Playa Tejido men's swim brief..
Unico 14400213-37-Minor Jock Strap
Minor by Unico is a Sexy Yellow Jock Strap that features the Unico support pouch, a s..
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Unico 14400241-89-Cherry Red Jock Strap
This Cherry Red Jock Strap by Unico feature the Unico support pouch, a sexy low ..
Unico 14400551-64-Picos-Men's Brief Underwear
The Picos Grey Sports Brief by Unico are designed with a ciff pattern in different sh..
Unico 14400555-00-Men's White Mesh Briefs
These Men's Mesh Sports Brief by Unico are made of a very unique, soft, sexy and breathabl..
Unico 14400556-99-Black Mesh Sport Briefs
The Upsala Performance Black Mesh Sports Brief by Unico feature a very unique, soft, ..
Unico 14400813-37-Yellow Short Boxers
These Sexy Lemon Boxer Briefs by Unico feature the Unico support pouch, a sexy low rise de..
Unico 14400824-65-Striped Short Boxers
These Sexy Striped Boxer Briefs are Limay by Unico. They feature white and grey ..
Unico 14400841-89-Cherry Red Short Boxers
These Cherry Red Boxer Briefs by Unico feature the Unico support pouch, a sexy low ri..
Unico 14400846-80-Mallines-Men's Teal Boxer Briefs
The Mallines Teal Men's Boxer Briefs by Unico are designed with a very subtle blue zi..

Unico Underwear offers a wide range of boxers, briefs, men's thongs, bodysuits, and swimwear. Unico Underwear is an industry leader and one of the original companies that introduced a wide range of color in it's underwear collections. They have very classic solid colored underwear or swimwear and very nice stripes, patterns and prints. Unico underwear and swimwear is sexy, sporty and comfortable, they were also the first to design the "suspensor pouch" which allows for maximum comfort. Unico underwear is great for physical activities and everyday wear. All Unico Underwear features a signature Unico branded elastic waistband.

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