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2xist Underwear

2xist is an industry leader that has taken men's underwear in many directions over the years.  2xist has established itself as a brand that appeals to many in terms of fashion, style, form, fit, and color.

We tend to do best with their briefs and thongs.  Customers appreciate the range of colors offered within the collection.  We currently feature styles from recent collections and old including Cabana, Sail, Speed, Athletic, Prints, and Essentials.   Price points are good and cover a range of styles. 

We have found their materials and quality of construction to be top notch for many years.  Also 2xist is a great brand with stylish marketing and a fashion forward sense that most customers appreciate. 

2xist Essentials

Our first and still longest running collection for 2xist is the Essentials collection which appeals to classic taste.  Collection includes thongs, briefs, trunks, and the popular square cut tank.  Collection is simple, traditional, and affordable as well.

Shop for 2xist at EROGENOS.COM where we offer Free Shipping options and a wide range of underwear styles unmatched by many.

Current 2xist collections include:

2xist Athletic Collection

2xist Sail Collection

2xist Speed Collection

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